DANIEL IRBY Artist Statement

From an early age my mom used art to inspire me. She used hand drawn flashcards to teach me to read, she also use to create fun arts and crafts for my elementary school when we had events or holidays coming around. She always bought pencils, drawing pads, crayons, and color pencils for me to create with and encouraged me to do so. This all translated into a love for drawing and art in general, which I took all the way through high school.

In high school I had a friend who had taken an interest in building a website dedicated to a favorite director of his. When I realized he was able to create and share something with anyone who came across his site I was immediately fascinated by this and asked him everything I needed to know to get started on my site.

I eventually created a website using a free host provider and through trial and error taught myself HTML and began designing. As my knowledge for HTML grew, my site evolved and I eventually got to a point where I was comfortable with HTML and wanted to take the level of personalization to the next step. I realized I might need to create my own graphics to make my site stand out among the others and engage my fans interest. I discovered the wonders of Photoshop and began experimenting with it. My skills grew little by little but I eventually gave up on updating my site. I still played around with Photoshop here and there but not quite as frequently.

Around this time I had started college and was majoring in Computer Electronic engineering. I was doing great in school but I just couldn’t see myself doing it for the rest of my life. Thanks to another friend of mine I found out I could go to school for graphic design. I could do for a living the very thing I use to do for fun in my free time back in high school. So after a year in College I switched majors and began to work towards my BFA in Graphic Design.

Throughout the course of my education I have drawn from many influences; Instructors, friends, and other graphic designers (student and professional) but one stands out above the rest. David Carson is most likely my biggest source of inspiration. Not only for the work he creates but also because of the attitude he has going into projects. His ability to dive into a project and experiment without fear is something I aspire to and to some degree feel I posses and hope to develop upon.

I love the challenges Graphic Design brings. Solving problems artistically is very stimulating and fun for me and it satisfies my want to create. I love to create and I enjoy sharing my work with others. I always hope the hard work and dedication I put into my work translates into something others will enjoy viewing and have fun with. It’s my passion and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life.

Copyright © Daniel Irby. All Rights Reserved.
Logo for Found Arts completed and accepted for Unite the Brain program.

Program for Orient Express Symposium completed and uploaded.

Submitted Campaign Posters into the Student Show.

Finishing up the design for the BFA Exit Show. I'll put samples up soon.

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